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Top Five Reasons Why Northwestern Football Will Not Unionize

Friday marks another historic day in the long battle to dismantle the NCAA. After National Labor Relations Board Regional Director Peter Sung Ohr declared Northwestern University football players as employees, not “student-athletes” last month, the team won the right to … Continue reading

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NLRB Rings The Death Bell For The NCAA

March 26, 2014. Remember this date. It is the day one of the most powerful and profitable “non-profits” in the nation, the NCAA, began its long march to extinction. It is the day that “student-athletes,” a cleverly crafted classification intentionally … Continue reading

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Latest Stadium Sponsorship Deals Signal A New Wave of Corporate Dollars

By Jonathan Gordon, a student at the University of Notre Dame’s top-ranked Mendoza College of Business. He is the founder of Sports Analytics Blog, a leading resource on the big data and analytics industry within sports. Jonathan has previously worked … Continue reading

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New Studies Reveal Concussion Prevention Laws Do Not Make Young Athletes Safer

Despite good intentions, laws aimed at preventing concussions and promoting concussion awareness in youth sports are not making young athletes any safer. Two new studies published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine paint a grim picture of the impact … Continue reading

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Ray Rice Provides Important Lesson on Assault

Another day, another NFL player arrested. Such is life for the most profitable non-profit league with $35 million worth of commissioning each year. Seriously, though, according to the NFL Arrest Database compiled by U-T San Diego, NFL players have been … Continue reading

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Global Sports Lawyer Reveals the Secret to Being Your Own Boss and Representing Olympic Athletes

Even if you have never skied or touched a curling stone, the Olympics seem to bring all sports fans together in rare shows of nationalism and USA pride. For Paul Greene, the Olympics are a bit more personal. Greene, one … Continue reading

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Dennis Rodman Is Now An International Liability

Dennis Rodman is a lot of things – a fierce rebounder, a mediocre actor, colorful, wormy, ex-husband of Carmen Electra – but is he an international criminal? It turns out that Rodman’s recent affinity with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Phoenix Coyotes Commit Trademark Blunder With New Name

For the first time in recent memory, the NHL had positive — or at least not negative — news come out of Arizona. Wednesday afternoon the Phoenix Coyotes announced that they are officially changing their name to the Arizona Coyotes … Continue reading

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Kansas City Chiefs in Hot Water: Catching Up With Plaintiffs’ Counsel in Several Wrongful Death Lawsuits Against the Club

The Kansas City Chiefs are in hot water. They had a sizable lead over the Colts for much of their first-round playoff game, and were still handed a loss. Their star player Jamaal Charles left the game injured. Moreover, the … Continue reading

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Extreme Obstacle Course Races Can Lead To Muddy Lawsuits

Last year more than two million Americans paid for the opportunity to torture themselves in 10-mile endurance race courses features a revolving menu of hurdles with names like the Arctic Enema, Dong Dangler, and Electroshock Therapy. The latter requires participants … Continue reading

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