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Bengals Cheerleader’s Libel Suit Leads To 6th Circuit Victory For Internet Free Speech

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) might be one of the most important and powerful pieces of American law. This Section of the CDA makes the Internet the Internet. Without it, YouTube, Reddit, Craigslist, and even this blog … Continue reading

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Republican Politicians Seeking Federal Ban Of Online Gambling Except Fantasy Sports

Admittedly, this blog is becoming a little gambling heavy. But next to death and taxes, the only sure thing in a sports fan’s life is gambling, which is why a bill recently proposed by two Republicans Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) … Continue reading

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New Jersey Set to Double Down On Sports Betting After Supreme Court Ruling

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court dashed the dreams of sports bettors in the Northeast with two words – certiorari denied. Despite the major players involved and billions of dollars at stake in New Jersey’s pursuit to overturn the … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania and New Jersey Eyeing Lucrative Sports Betting Industry

Bookies beware, it might be time to find a new job. Recently, two of the most gambling-friendly states in the Northeast have signaled that they are eager to embrace the multi-billion dollar a year sports betting industry –- federal law … Continue reading

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Silver’s Sterling Decision Was A Layup

By Nicholas Galea, a public defender in central Illinois and a 2013 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Law. You can follow him on Twitter at @invertedWAR. Unprecedented is really the only word you can use to describe … Continue reading

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Clippers Owner Might Be Racist But Infamous Recording Was Illegal

By now it is old news that Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, wishes the Confederacy had won the Civil War. Thanks to a recording by Sterling’s girlfriend, V. Stiviano, first obtained by TMZ, and now rebroadcast around the world, … Continue reading

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Top Five Reasons Why Northwestern Football Will Not Unionize

Friday marks another historic day in the long battle to dismantle the NCAA. After National Labor Relations Board Regional Director Peter Sung Ohr declared Northwestern University football players as employees, not “student-athletes” last month, the team won the right to … Continue reading

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NLRB Rings The Death Bell For The NCAA

March 26, 2014. Remember this date. It is the day one of the most powerful and profitable “non-profits” in the nation, the NCAA, began its long march to extinction. It is the day that “student-athletes,” a cleverly crafted classification intentionally … Continue reading

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Latest Stadium Sponsorship Deals Signal A New Wave of Corporate Dollars

By Jonathan Gordon, a student at the University of Notre Dame’s top-ranked Mendoza College of Business. He is the founder of Sports Analytics Blog, a leading resource on the big data and analytics industry within sports. Jonathan has previously worked … Continue reading

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New Studies Reveal Concussion Prevention Laws Do Not Make Young Athletes Safer

Despite good intentions, laws aimed at preventing concussions and promoting concussion awareness in youth sports are not making young athletes any safer. Two new studies published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine paint a grim picture of the impact … Continue reading

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